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Jaye Ryan Law Office is a criminal defense law firm that is dedicated to helping clients who have been charged with serious felonies and misdemeanors in Martinez, Concord, Richmond, Antioch, and all over Contra Costa County. The law firm is lead by attorney Jaye Ryan. In over fifteen years practicing criminal defense, she has successfully served hundreds of clients charged with the full spectrum of crimes. Prior to private practice, Jaye Ryan was a Deputy Public Defender in Solano County. Ms. Ryan takes pride in her legal services, and does everything she can to ensure clients satisfaction.

In addition to being a skilled criminal defense lawyer, Ms. Ryan is a trained scientist with extensive experience in the field of forensic science. With her prior training as a scientist, Jaye Ryan has an impressive record of challenging forensic evidence and the professional opinions that are often presented by the Government in an attempt to seek conviction of her clients.

Jaye Ryan has compassion for those accused of crimes like Shaken Baby Syndrome murder. Though she has faced harassment for taking such cases, she remains aggressive and passionate.

If you have been charged with a crime, our Contra Costa County criminal defense attorneys can help you. Our office has represented countless clients who have been charged with nearly every possible crime. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or are facing a “Third Strike” prosecution, Jaye Ryan and team will provide you with the skill and toughness in Court, and the insight and thoughtful representation outside the courtroom you need to successfully navigate through these difficult times. We are aggressive litigators committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for all of our clients and their families.

From our offices located in downtown Martinez, steps from the Contra Costa Jail, Jaye Ryan Law handles criminal cases involving: unlawful search & seizure, shaken baby syndrome, murder, drug sales and possession, criminal sexual harassment, domestic violence, child abuse, sex crimes, theft crimes, DUI, DWI, traffic offenses, probation violation, and “Three Strikes” prosecutions.

Arrested? Defend Your Future!

Jaye Ryan strives to provide each client with aggressive and skilled litigation as well as compassionate counsel. She is an experienced, caring criminal defense attorney who places every effort into helping her clients both in and out of court.


Practice Areas

At Jaye Ryan Law, our practice is 100% dedicated to criminal law. We do not handle cases related to any other legal area. Because of this, our clients can be assured that their case will be handled by a defense attorney who has a strong background and trial experience in criminal law. Contact Jaye Ryan Law if you have been accused of any serious crime.

Client Testimonial

"As I come to realize I now have my freedom back, I need you to know how special you truly are. Never have I been so impacted by the actions of an attorney. Beyond your courtroom skills and legal talent, you've been a true friend. As I think about the end of this journey, I think often of the care and concern you handled me with. I must admit, you are the answer to the prayer I prayed everyday for."